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Eagle Scout Information


Where do you start on the road to Eagle?  

Check out the file below and then follow the links below them from Northern Star Council's website that will give you everything you need to become an Eagle Scout.

2016 Life to Eagle Presentation

Eagle Checklist

Eagle Project FAQ

Don't forget there are new Advancement Requirements that took effect on Jan 1, 2016.  For details, go to the link below.

Eagle Board of Review Information

Eagle Board of Review for Rolling Hills normally meets on the first Tuesday of each Month (evening of the District meetings) and/or second Thursday of each Month (evening of Roundtable) by invitation ONLY. The District Advancement Chair cannot schedule Eagle Board of Review until the Eagle Candidate’s Packet has been approved and sent by Northern Star Council to the District Advancement Chair. For further information, please contact Tim Isom, Rolling Hills District Advancement Chair, at

Recent Eagle Awards

First NameLast NameDate of Eagle AwardSorted By Date of Eagle Award In Descending OrderTroop/Crew
JonKuivinen8/23/2017Troop 9344
JoelVandergon2/28/2017Troop 9344
RobertSimon2/28/2017Troop 9323
BryceHorejsi2/9/2017Troop 9327
JohnBowman1/14/2017Troop 9323
RyanKlatt1/9/2017Troop 9306
ThomasGillen1/9/2017Troop 9306
KurtisBobert12/22/2016Troop 9313
GarrettHolets12/22/2016Troop 9327
SkylerHarper12/6/2016Troop 9327
TyanStier11/19/2016Troop 9324
NicholasFedderson11/19/2016Troop 9324
HaydenCody11/19/2016Troop 9324
DanielTurner11/10/2016Troop 9323
MichaelKopp11/5/2016Troop 9313
AndrewRandall11/1/2016Troop 9328
MitchellRousseau10/4/2016Troop 9325
EthanVikla9/5/2016Troop 9309
ZacharySmisek8/11/2016Troop 9306
SebastianLawler8/8/2016Troop 9337
TroopPeterson8/8/2016Troop 9337
JakeLarson8/2/2016Troop 9323
JackLarson8/2/2016Troop 9323
KarstenSingh6/9/2016Troop 9344
NolanVikla6/7/2016Troop 9309
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