Saturday, February 17, 2018

Common Roundtable Resources


The council maintains electronic versions of the information included in your hangfiles at roundtable.  It's called the e-hangfiles and can be found at the following address:

June 2017


No Announcements



2016-2017 Roundtable Plans


August 2015


Welcome to the new roundtable!  Our goal is to make roundtable a relevant, fun, interactive experience for all Cub Scout Leaders and parents.  Come and check it out and don't forget to check out all the great resources on the Cub Scout Resources page.

Announcements Powerpoint

Induction Ceremony (Recipe for Cub Scouting - taken from Ceremonies for Dens and Packs)

Rocket Project


April 2015


The focus of this roundtable breakout was introducing the new Cub Scout program.

Program Update Powerpoint

New Program Game

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